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Spyware is running rampant


What are spyware, adware, and browser-hijacking software? Marketers use various types of aggressive software.

  •  Adware displays ads while you're online, and tracks and reports your Internet habits.
  •  Spyware can report information to a third party about your computer system without your knowledge.
  • Browser-hijacking software slows down your Internet connection, redirects you to advertisers, and changes your settings. 
  • Do not confuse adware with adaware - Ad-aware is an excellent program tool designed to help you remove this type of advertising.

Preventing unwanted advertising

  • To avoid adware, pay the licensing fee when downloading software off the Internet.
  • Carefully read licensing agreements before installing free Internet utilities.
  • Never click Yes on pop-up Security Warning windows.
  • Perform recommended updates to your operating system software.
  • Many of the more aggressive programs will try to trick you into agreeing to install the software with misleading language or fake buttons - read carefully.
  • Install and regularly update an anti-virus program.

 Removing spyware, adware, and hijacking software

  • Use Windows' Add/Remove program to uninstall adware.
  • Use uninstall that may be present in the program folder

Super-aggressive spyware and hijacking software usually require stronger measures and may require an experience technician to remove. Contact Engineering Concepts to arrange an on-site appointment.

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